Your Step By Step Guide in Creating Your First Mobile Game

Mobile gaming is one of the fast-paced industries, joining hand in hand with the advancement of technology. Since most people can’t live a day without their mobile phones, career starters and business people find mobile gaming a potential market to explore. With the success of mobile games like Angry Birds, Plants vs. Zombies, Clash of Clans and the like, many people are stirred up to dive into the mobile game development process.

How can you create your own mobile game though? What are the processes that you must follow?

If it’s your first time developing your own mobile game, this step by step guide is helpful for you. Read on and find out how you can create a game that will stand out against its thousands of competitors.

  1. Shape Your Idea

Just like with any project, everything comes from an idea or concept.

This first step in your mobile game development journey is actually the most crucial one. If you don’t have a solid concept, the whole project is set to failure. If you want your game to be successful, you have to make this first step right.

With so many exciting and unique games present in the mobile game industry, your challenge is to come up with innovative, fresh and futuristic ideas. Take your target audience into consideration and work from there.

  1. Plot Your Story

Now that you have an abstract idea of the project, the next step that you must take is to materialize it. By this, we mean plotting your magnificent story. A concept is a big empty canvass, you have to paint and draw every detail to create a masterpiece.

Any players won’t stick to your game if it does not have a compelling story. Make yours engaging and exciting to provide a pleasurable experience for your players. Envision the story flow of the game and set lead characters, create villains, plot twists, domains and the ending.

  1. Create a Buzz

Another vital stage in your game development process is making your game idea a buzz.

Your game should be addicting enough that players keep coming back for it. It should be something that players must get a “fix” of every day. Add elements into your game that will ignite game addiction. For instance, make a laddered level with increasing intensity and difficulty. Players would find this challenging and must do everything to pass the level.

You should be cautious in setting game complications, length and updates though. Create limited edition updates to catch the gamers’ flow and only make those that have relevance to the season.

  1. Arm Your Game with Tools and Platforms

Your concept and plan won’t materialize into an amazing game without the help of tools and platforms.

Choose tools and software and make them tailored based on the operating systems that you are using. There are so many available software in the market; do your research and select the one that can provide you with the features that you needed the most.

Pick the tools for game engines, game making, audio and graphics and design that are essentials in creating a mobile game. There are even some tools that you can use for free. Click here to get a list of the most preferred mobile game development tools.

  1. Create a Prototype of Your Mobile Game Idea

Now that you have plotted your concept, game design and tools, the next step that you must make is to have it undergo prototype testing. This is the most overlooked stage in the process, so make sure that you do not commit the same mistake. This stage is critical as it helps you foresee flaws and find areas to improve on.

  1. Spend Plenty of Time in Designing

If you want your game to stand out against your rival, you must make sure that you spend ample of time in the designing stage. Creating a game design that is unique and exciting could be your best asset against your competitors.

You should explore as many designs as you can. Don’t limit your game to basic flat designs, instead test your limits and explore the possibilities.

  1. Choose Your Monetization Plan

Sure, you’re creating this game because you want to provide entertainment to your customers. But you must not forget that this also holds for a potential market to profit.

Decide which way your game can earn profit, either as an in-app purchase, with ads within the app or from premium versions. Developing a game would require you to invest not just money but also your time and hard-work. Planning a way on how to earn profit will pay all the investments and efforts that you put on.

  1. Pick Your Target Technology Platform

You have three development procedures to choose from as your target technology platform: HTML5, Native and Hybrid.HTML5 development applies to standard web technologies while Native mobile game development lies on the native language of the device platform. Hybrid, on the other hand, is a combination of both native and HTML5; hence, it works on any platform.

  1. Choose Your Team of Developers

You won’t be able to make your own game alone. No matter how skilled you are, you still need a team of developers to help you in this complex process. Gather a team of multiple experts and work together to create lucrative projects.

  1. Test Your Game before Launch

After countless of sleepless nights, you’re finally done with your game. So it’s time now to release it to the world, right?

Sorry but that is not correct. Before launching your game, you must have it tested first. This process is very critical because you would want to find out if everything is running smoothly. Testing your game first would also give you the opportunity to see the flaws and glitches and work on them. Test your game and ask for your team’s perspective and people’s opinion about it.

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