Bola: Soccer Game on Facebook

Bola is a sports game developed and published by Playdom and is available to play on Facebook as its platform. It was released on the eighteenth of January last 2010. It could be played using the third-person perspective. This means that it allows the player to look at everything in the field, the goal, the players, and the opponents. This view gives the advantage of knowing what is happening on all sides. The aim of Playdom was to make Bola become one of the top sports application on the Facebook platform.

How to Play the Game

The game will allow the player to control a team. The player could also play the game with friends or other Facebook users. The player could only play with random opponents if they are on the same level. The competition will be indirect because the player will have the match against the AI. The opponent could also have the opportunity to replay the match. The match will have a winner only if both players have played it and the best play counts. The player could also earn money through sponsorship. The money could be used to improve the stadium or to purchase other facilities that could unlock the other features of the game such as training players. As mentioned earlier, the perspective used in the game allows a wide view (top-down) and offers an arcade-style gameplay. The player cannot play the game for a long time because there is a limitation to the number of matches that could be played in a row. If the player wants to play the game but has already reached the limit of the number of games allowed to play in succession, then there is no other way but to patiently wait for the next set of matches.

According to the game developers, the game will also be appealing to the international audience because of its features and design. The game is simple, addicting, and user-friendly. Its features and settings are easy to understand and adapt to.

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