Beginner’s Guide: How to Create Your First iPhone Game

Do you believe that anyone can develop an iPhone game?

This may sound far-fetched but everyone can really create their own iPhone game. You don’t necessarily need a degree in programming or have years of game design and programming experience under your belt.

You may be baffled by this idea but it’s definitely possible. Though creating an iPhone game is not simple and easy, you can develop a successful game as long as you have the right amount of determination and attitude.

Become a successful iPhone game developer with these doable steps.

  1. Create an Original Idea

There are already plenty of cooking games in your Apple store. If you’re going to create another cooking games with features similar to the present ones, your game would just stay in the App Store without any downloads.

What you can do instead is study the current trend and think of a concept that has not been created yet. Creating an original idea may take you days, even months, but you have to do it if you want your game to stand out amongst its plethora of competitors.

  1. Use the Right Tools

You may not have a degree in programming, but choosing the right tools can certainly make creating your own iPhone game plausible.

GameSalad is a perfect tool for beginners who don’t have any knowledge in programming. Not only it is specifically designed for the iPhone, but you can simply use a ‘drag and drop’ game creation library to create your game. Flash is another helpful tool; you can now convert Flash games to run on the iPhone and you can find lots of learning materials on how to develop Flash games.

Click here for the list of iOS game development tools.

  1. Take Advantage of Free Tutorials

Gone are the days where you have to spend countless hours in the library to research something or pay expensive fees if you want to learn new skills. Thanks to technology, learning resources are now endless. With just a simple search in Google, you can find all the helpful articles that you need.

You don’t have to spend loads of money in learning the game developing skill too. There are tons of free tutorial online that you can take advantage of. Use these free resources to expand your knowledge and widen your skill set.

  1. Try Outsourcing

Technology does not only give us endless resources, it has also revolutionized manpower.

If you love programming but programming does not love you back, it’s okay to ask help. If you really think that you can’t do the job, consider outsourcing instead. There are lots of outsourcing platforms that you can use to hire impeccable talents at a reasonable rate. Now that you have taken out the job of programming from your hand, you’ll have plenty of time to spend on other important things.

  1. Think About iPhone-specific Features

With so many games in the App Store, you should know that the most successful ones are those that have been built specifically for playing on the iPhone.

When designing your game, you have to think about features that are specific to iPhones only, like the touch-screen and the accelerometer. Think about the unique controls of iPhone and find ways to make them a part in your game.

  1. Make Sure the Game is Challenging

We’re all looking for a dose of adrenaline rush.

We escape in the world of mobile gaming not only to find entertainment but also to have our “fix” of adventure and challenges. If you want your players to come back playing for more, you should add elements of challenges on your game. Nothing beats the feeling of euphoria when you have finally passed this level after several failed attempts.

Make sure that you know how to balance though. Your game should not be too easy that players would get bored and it should not be too difficult that players would wonder if the creator just simply wants to torture them.

  1. Get Free Sound Effects

A sound effect is another important component of the game. It adds another dimension to the game and a deeper experience to the player.

There are many free resources that you can use for your sound effects. For example, you can use for all the sound effects. There are also free sound-editing program that you can use such as Audacity.

  1. Get Feedback

You may have finished creating your game, but you won’t really know how enjoyable or challenging it is until you get feedback from other people. Getting feedback is a crucial process because this presents an opportunity for you to make your game even better.

You can find beta testers on iPhone forums who will be willing to play your game and give you feedback for free. Take every feedback and suggestions openly and use these to improve your game. Getting the feel of the player is a necessary step that you must make.

  1. Make a Tutorial Video

A tutorial is an important part of the game. This stage gives the player an overview of how the game is played. Create a one-minute video of the game and add a one-page text tutorial to the first load-up of the game for anyone who skipped the video.

Why is a tutorial video worth doing?

Not only it will enormously help your players understand how the game is played, it’s also an effective marketing strategy. Critics could quickly watch the video online instead of having to try to follow how the game works in a press release or go to the effort of downloading the game.

  1. Market Your Game

A compelling storyline, amazing graphics and outstanding game play could all go to waste if you don’t know how to market your game well.

Target app review sites and other technology website to promote your game. Use social media to reach out to your target and potential customers. Word of mouth is also an important marketing strategy so make sure that you get good reviews.

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