5 Challenges Android Game Developers Face

The rise of mobile application has spiraled up. With the popularity of smartphones, it’s not a surprise that almost everyone is eyeing at mobile application as a profitable enterprise.

Many developers are now obsessed with creating games for Android. As of March 2018, the number of available apps in Google Play Store was most recently placed at 3.3 million apps, surpassing 1 million apps in July 2013. Amongst these apps, games are the most popular category. In fact, 41.2% of Android app downloads are mobile games, which makes them the predominant category. This is the exact reason why Android games market offers a fierce competition.

Android mobile game development is not an easy field to get in though. You have to experience your fair share of challenges and sometimes frustrations. Before you start embarking on this road, you must have a clear picture of what lies ahead. Knowing the possible challenges will make your ride less bumpy. Below are some of the most common challenges and problems that game developers encounter.

  1. Fitting in the Android Market

The biggest challenge that you will have to face is finding the right niche in the vast world of Android game. It’s important that you find an area where you are passionate about and that it could reach a vast herd of players.

You can’t just simply pick a particular niche out of whim. Sure, you can pick racing games if you’re an avid fan of cars, but you have to ask yourself first, “Will this be niche profitable?” “Is it easier to get into this market?”

You have a lot of things to consider before you can finally find a place that you can call home. You would need to conduct an intensive research and studying of the current market trends first. Investigate which niche is the most popular right now. Check what type of players will you be attracting and what’s the population of your possible target market.

Fitting in the Android market is indeed challenging, especially in the beginning phase. As soon as you find your perfect place though, you can just sit peacefully on your couch and watch as your game rises to popularity and stardom.

  1. Setting Up a Good Story

If writers have a writer’s block, game developers also experience a time when they’re completely blank and can’t think of any concept or story.

A good game story is as important as breathing. Without a compelling and exciting plot, your game will just sit idly in the App Store with no downloads whatsoever.  Creating a good story is definitely not an easy thing to do though. With thousands of Android games that deal with fantasy, war, racing, etc., how can you make yours unique and outstanding?

No matter how challenging it may sound, you must endure this phase. Keep on looking at different angles and see if you can come up with remarkable characters or a captivating story. You may throw several papers with draft story a lot of times; you may even cross out some characters or plots or totally start all over again from scratch. Remember that great stories don’t happen overnight.

Work hard to make your game a stand out. Offer something that other games don’t. Creating a captivating story with its internal logic, characters, sounds, music, etc., will give you retaining users.

  1. Mobile Game Development Team

No man is an island.

This is especially true when it comes to designing and developing an Android game.  It’s almost impossible to do it alone, unless you’re Captain America, Dr. Strange and Tony Starks combined. Since it’s less likely that you’d get to assemble a Marvel Superheroes team, what you can have instead is a team of app professionals to make it possible.

You need to assemble a development team made up of Android programmers if you want your endeavors to be successful. You may need more professionals, especially if you’re designing a more complex game. You should also have an all-purpose design expert to ensure that the game is well defined from an aesthetic point of view. It won’t hurt if you add an app marketing expert too, even just as a consultant to help find out how you can make this project profitable.

  1. Create User-Friendly Android Games

You may have found your niche and may have created a compelling storyline, but these could all go to waste if your game is designed as too difficult and too complicated.

Just as fitting in and creating a good story is important, so as making your game user-friendly. By this, you should make your game simple and easy to understand. It has to be something where players can just play intuitively without having to go through a 10 minute tutorial just to get a grasp of the game.

How can you create your game user-friendly?

You have to know where to draw the line. It should be something that is not easy to beat but rather have a clear rules and dynamics. If you want to reach out to more potential users, having your game available in several languages is a brilliant idea.

Be wary of using too much technical terms in your game also. Use language that is very basic and easy to understand. Before you launch your game, have it tested first by several players. Through this, you can have a clear picture of what users like and may not like in your game.

  1. Making it a Success Story

So many developers have attempted to create a game. Yes, they may have successfully created and launched their games, but only a few have made their game successful.

Game development is a never-ending process. You should not stop when you have already launched it in the App Store. Just as how hard you have worked with the production process, you must work harder in marketing it. Make your game known to the public in all possible ways. Use strategies to obtain more download and offer promotions to entice new customers and reward loyal ones.

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