What Are Players Looking For in a Mobile Game?

Mobile games are taking our lives by storm.

It’s no wonder mobile gaming has become one of the most profitable industry nowadays.

With thousands of games released every month, you must wonder what makes a certain game tick. What qualities do players are looking for in a mobile game? What can make a mobile game exceptionally fruitful compared to its competitors? What elements should you add to make your game a massive hit?

These, among other questions, are running on the mind of game developers whenever they try to create a mobile game.

One of the easiest yet most effective ways of answering these questions is by looking at a player’s perspective. If you put yourself into your players’ shoes, you’re more likely to find solutions to these nerve-wracking questions.

Instead of asking thousands of questions, you should collate them into one – What are players looking for in a game?

Regardless of location or genre of the game, below are the common things that players are looking for in a game.

  1. Great Gameplay

Nobody wants to spend more than 5 minutes on a game that is not only plain boring but does not offer any sensible gameplay.

The most important quality that you must add in your game is having a great gameplay. For it to be appealing, it must be addictive, fun and challenging. Though this might sound basic, creating a great gameplay is more complicated than you think. It should have a perfect balance to it – a game that is too easy is boring while a game that is too hard is counter-productive.

Add elements to your game that will make it interesting enough for your players to keep coming back for more.

  1. Stunning Graphics

Most of us are visual. We like looking at beautiful things. No wonder magazines have the faces of gorgeous and lovely models on their cover because it’s appealing to the eyes of the audiences.

This holds true when it comes to mobile gaming. You may have a good gameplay, but some players won’t play it the second time around if the graphics are not too eye-friendly. Don’t forget to invest in amazing graphics as well if you want your players to stick by.

Your game should look natural and captivating. Also, great graphics is not enough. It should be accompanied by fantastic sound effects as well to provide an over-all gaming experience that is truly unforgettable.

  1. Endlessness

We are hooked into mobile games because we want to somehow escape from the real world and be immersed with the excitement and adrenalin rush brought by our virtual world.

No one wants to play a game that ends in 30 minutes or an hour. If you want your game to be timeless, it should have “endless” challenges. Though you really can’t make a game that has no end, the concept is to create a very long game with so many challenging levels as possible. Most players would not play the game all over again if he’s able to finish the game already. Your game may eventually be deleted if it only offers few levels.

I’m now at level 1500 in Candy Crush Soda Saga and yet I still find every level as exciting as the last. Click here to learn more why this game is so addicting.

  1. Fantastic Storyline

If you’re going to decipher the elements that make up a successful game, you would find out that all of them have an amazing storyline.

Your game should not only be interesting enough to hook your players, but it should also contain real-life scenarios. Players will be more immersed and invested if they find many challenges or situations that are somehow similar to what they are experiencing in real life.

The Simms is a successful game because all of us can relate to every social experience that each character goes through.  I mean, who has not experienced having to mingle and attempt to create a social relationship?

  1. Multilingual

A good game should not only cater to a certain region. For it to reach its worldwide success, it should have multiple versions for different languages. Players should have the option of selecting the language during installation.

If you have exclusively designed your game for English speakers only, it’s more likely that people who speak Spanish, French, Portuguese or even German will never play it. Break the language barrier and conquer worldwide domination by offering a multilingual feature.

  1. Fast Load Time and High Responsiveness

Have you tried staring at your screen for a few minutes while it loads? Those 2 minutes feel like an eternity.

Players hate games that don’t load fast. Your game should not take more than 20 seconds to load, no matter how interesting the storyline is or how genius the graphics are. Use higher specifications to enhance faster response and load time.

  1. Compatibility with Multiple Platforms

The success of the game depends on how many users are playing it.

Designing your game to be exclusive for a single platform only limits this success. Mobile game should not be selective or exclusive to a specific platform only; instead it should be compatible with all mobile device platforms.

  1. Little or No Ads

Ads, no matter how informative they are, can be pretty annoying.

One of the reasons why players stop playing the game is because of too many ads. No one wants to spend every 10 minutes of their game time having to wait for the ads to finish before they can continue playing. These ads never fail to interrupt the fun and the “flow” of the game.

If total elimination of ads is impossible, you should atleast find ways to reduce them drastically.

  1. Make it Free

The most popular games are those that you can download and play without having to spend a dime. There are massive selections of free games on the App Store, so yours must also be free if you want it to be successful.

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