List of Games that are fun

The list below contains few of the games that I personally enjoy.

  1. Animal Planet – Orangutan Island

The game is all about the life of an orangutan in the wild. The game will test your foraging and survival skills that will determine the orangutan’s life in its habitat. Instructions are provided in the game to guide the player. The game begins with a goal for a certain level. For example, the orangutan must be able to collect at least 3000 fruit points before returning to its nest. The orangutan must be able to return to its home not later than three minutes.

  1. Bola

The game is an online soccer game available on Facebook. The objective of the game is to score more points than the opponent before the time runs out. The player could select which team will be used for the game. The player could receive money through sponsorship which will then be used for improving the stadium and other facilities.

  1. The Cho Show Game

The game is centered on Margaret Cho and Glam her squad entering a maze to collect coins and puppies. The player could navigate through the maze with the use of arrows which the characters will follow. There will be obstacles along the maze, likes holes which should be avoided by Margaret and her squad. To get a high score for each level, you need to plan out your moves so that Margaret and her friends could get out of the maze early while collecting the coins and saving the puppies.

  1. Flash 3D Multiplayer Shooter

In this game, there could be more than one player on a server. This means that you could play against other players too. The objective of the game is simple, to be the last player standing. This game requires strategic thinking and wise navigation of the controls. You only need the mouse to play the game.

  1. Pepsi Footvolley

This game is a combination of football and volleyball. The player will form a team with two characters to start the game. The opponent will be set up randomly. The team with the most points wins the match.

  1. Lego Agents

This game is created with the Daiquiri Game Maker. It is a 3D game about agents chasing a villain. The agents will get to use high-tech vehicles. There will be a total of five levels to finish.

  1. Lego Exo Force

You could only choose one of the four robots to play the game. The robots are Hayato, Takeshi, Hikaru, and Ryo. You could modify their weapons and your mini-bot. The game will only end if you defeat the biggest robot in the level. You should be able to hit while dodging the attacks of your opponents. The more robots you defeat, the bigger your score gets

  1. Lego Indiana Jones

You will go on adventures to different places with Indiana Jones by playing this game. The objective of the game is to collect coins and other treasures as you avoid the obstacles while finding the exit. There are several levels to complete and you could also read about Jones’ bibliography in the game. Some of the gamers who played the game said that this is one of the best games.

  1. Lego Star Wars: The Quest for R2D2

There will be instructions for the game that will appear before the game starts. Use your lightsaber to destroy objects that contain gems, and to fight against the opponents. Collect the gems as many as you can while finding the exit to proceed to the next level.

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First Footvolley Online Game Ever

Have you ever wanted to play football and volleyball at the same time? Or have you ever imagined these two sports combined? A game called Pepsi Footvolley using the Unity 3D engine was developed. It is an online game that combines the field rules of volleyball and the touch rules of football. There are six famous characters to choose from before the start of the game.


The six characters all have unique stats and it all depends on you on who will you choose. These are a few of the characters and the description of their stats.

George: almost full power, skill, and speed; greatest strength is his skill

Mirko: more powerful than George, skillful and is a bit slower than George; greatest strength is his power

Billy: less powerful than George, skillful, and is the fastest player among all the characters

Slavka: more powerful than Billy, almost has the same amount of skill and speed

After selecting your player, you get to choose a partner among the other characters left.

After Choosing the Characters is the Game

After selecting two characters for your team, the opponents will be randomly matched against you. The game will use the third-person perspective to allow the player to see the game from all sides. This is an ideal perspective for the game. There are special moves that could be highlighted with a slow motion. Once the ball touches the court of the opponent it means you get to earn a point. The team with the most number of points wins the game. If the game gets tied, then another match will decide the winner. The game runs smoothly and has elaborate details to its graphics and sound effects. The game does not require energy or anything else for you to play. You could play the game anytime and as long as you can.

You could register for the game to save your account. You just need to input your name, email address, password, city, and country. If you already have an account, then you could simply log in with your email address and password.

Overall, the game has a summer vibe since it is set on the shore of a beach and the audience is wild for the game. If you want to know more about it, then you could watch this video of its walkthrough. If you want to be updated on the news about iPhone, then please click here.

The developments of the gaming industry and investments

The mobile gaming market is expected to generated up to 50 billion USD by 2015. If this is true and strong performance keeps on, it would be possible by 2020 to even reach 100 million USD.

Of course with gaming, also PC and Mobile devices and their gaming hardware will rise steadily. By 2020 also it is expected to grow into a 50 billion USD industry.

Mobile games are on the rise while PC games and console games are having trouble. Due to the amount of mobile devices and the free gaming option, less and less people are playing their games on PC. While it is true that PC Games usually have better graphics and longer gameplay, for the average player it matters most that the game is free and can be replaced by another game easily.

Still console and PC games are very popular. After all tournaments are usually held with such, and the biggest and best game developers will continue to rely on better hardware than is available on mobile phones.

On the other hand, web games are on the decline. The limits that are set by browser games are just too vast to compare with the beautiful graphics that are possible via other means. It is expected that the sale of mobile gaming software will outpace the sale of all other games by 2050, especially with VR and AR becoming more broadly available.

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iPhone Mania Throughout the Globe

One of the most famous brands of devices is Apple, which has the iPhone line of products. The iPhone is so famous that almost everyone wants their phone to be iPhone. The strong desire of the public to possess the iPhone causes long queues and sold out stocks immediately after its release. Every latest version of iPhone would always sell out and are always the talk of the town even before they are officially released and sold. This iPhone mania has always been present every time Apple announces for updates.

iPhone Mania is Everywhere Around the Globe

No matter how much an iPhone would cost, the public would always line up for it. This is because they always wanted to try all of the features offered by the phone. Because of the iPhone mania, Apple always releases billions of units just to sustain the strong demand for it. It has been said that more than ninety percent of the users claimed to be satisfied by the quality and the features offered by the product and almost seventy percent of the iPhone users are willing to purchase the next version of iPhone. This is how extreme the demand is for the product. The users praise the chic external design of the product as well as how smooth it operates. In the fast-paced industry of mobile phones, Apple has been branded of always being one step ahead of its competitors and is the leading brand of innovation. This is how Apple was able to gain the trust of its loyal consumers to their products, especially iPhone.

iPhone Throughout the Years

The product has been staying in the market for more than a decade already, yet it is as famous as ever. Ever since its first release ten years ago, it has been successful and a demand for many. iPhone is the proof that even if your competitors started earlier than you, it doesn’t mean that you cannot race with them anymore. Even if you did not start the race first, as long as you know what you are doing and you have the will to continue, then you will always be in the race and could go ahead your competitors.

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Sony MUTEKI MHC-V90DW: Highly Multifunctional Audio System

You wanted to watch a movie but the sound from your television is not enough. You wanted to sing but you do not want to go out for karaoke. You have a party in your house but there’s no DJ to liven up the mood more. Your current speakers are so heavy and difficult to transfer that you decided not to use it anymore. All of these problems could be solved with Sony MUTEKI MHC-V90DW High Power Audio System. This 170 cm tall speaker created by Sony is fully packed with various features that are perfect for your sound system needs.


  1. This audio system has an ultimate powerful sound.

It could cover wide areas and could be heard even from afar. Since each of the speakers in this audio system is horn-shaped, it produces a sound more efficiently compared to other speakers.

  1. MUTEKI MHC-V90DW is packed with party features.

What’s a party without lights? To liven up to mood, you could use the built-in party lights in the audio system. The lights produce multiple colors that are perfect for celebrations. You could also add your voice to the mix if you want to. To others, this might require some skills but if you have Sony MUTEKI, then you don’t need skills for mixing your vocals into the track. You could also create DJ sound effects to increase the dynamic atmosphere for your party. Just use the Gesture Control to be the DJ of the night.

  1. Enjoy movies like you are in a movie theater.

You could use the DVD player with HDMI out to simply send the video signal to your television. Now, you could experience watching in the cinema without actually going there.

  1. Wireless connection with Sony MUTEKI.

This audio system boasts its feature of easy wireless pairing. Just use Bluetooth with instant NFC pairing or use Wi-Fi for other streaming services. This way, you don’t need lots of wires just to connect your devices to your speakers. You could also connect it to your phone and control its settings using the Sony Music Center App.

  1. Connect your microphone and guitar to the audio system.

Sing and perform all with the help of Sony MUTEKI.

  1. Easy transport.

The 170 cm tall audio system might be huge but it is easy to transport by simply tilting and roll your way to the party. Its tiny wheels are strong enough to support its weight.

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